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Citadel Series Centrifugal Corrosive Chemical Transfer Pumps


The Citadel series of Chemical Process Pumps are designed to be a highly economical specialized centrifugal pumping soultion for difficult pumping applications involving caustic and corrosive chemicals that would attack standard centrifugal pumps.

The secret to the success of the Citadel Series is its specially designed thick-walled vacuum-proof single piece PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) volute casing liner and internal wetted parts that can be used in contact with your corrosive, toxic and aggressive pumped elements with no negative effect to the pump. PVDF also holds strong resistance to cold-weather impacts to resisst shattering.

This PVDF liner is held secureley within a cast Iron Armored shell surrounding the pump for protection from the elements and working environments as well as for absorbing forces from the pipe lines themselves. The Back Plate of the Citadel pump is also made from solid injection-molded PVDF as are the shaft sleeves for optimal performance under adverse operating conditions. Maintenence for the Citadel series is a standard "pull-back" design.

The Citadel Series has a Stainless Steel drive shaft manufactured to tight tolerances of 0.05mm deflection at the mechanical seal which is well within international standards as well as standard operating conditions eg. heavy load conditions during startup, minimum flow rates, maximum impeller diameters and high density fluids. This tight tolerance in manufacturing also prevents leakage.

The Impeller is of a Semi-open design and is manufactured of solid PVDF with a metal insert to greatly increase the strength of the piece. The standard shaft seal for the pump is a mechanical model with other options available depending upon your application.

Iron Duke Citadel Series Pump Dimensions

Internal sealing gaskets are made from PTFE. Additional EPDM rubber inserts ensure maximum sealing of the pump. The Bearing housing hlods double row ball-bearings with an extremely high load capacity. The Bearings are Long-life oil lubricated out of a internal resovoir in the bearing housing unit that holds the lubricating oil. Oil levels can be easily checked by a sight-glass that shows the available oil supply.

Shanley Pump and Equipment carries 20 sizes of the Citadel Series spanning in performance ranges up to 1,750 GPM with a Head up to 325 ft. The Citadel series also allows for higher than average pressures to be achieved pumping caustic chemicals. Be sure to ask your sales engineer for more information. Temperature resistance in the Citadel series extends to 120°C during standard pumping operations.

The Citadel Series makes a great investment in affordable Chemical process Pumps for industry.

Industries served by the Citadel Series include but are not limited to:

  • Steel Pickling Plants
  • Acid Regeneration Plants
  • Pesticide Manufacturing
  • Insecticide Manufacturing
  • Clorine Manufacturing and processing
  • Dyes Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Environmental Pumping Applications
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Citadel Corrosive Chemical Transfer Pumps

Citadel Series Corrosive Chemical Transfer Pumps

Series Pump Type

  • Centrifugal Corrosive Chemical Transfer PumpMechanical Seal Centrifugal Corrosive Chemical Transfer PumpCentrifugal Corrosive Chemical Transfer Pump Packings
  • Centrifugal Corrosive Chemical Transfer Pump
  • Mechanical Seal Centrifugal Corrosive Chemical Transfer Pump
  • Centrifugal Corrosive Chemical Transfer Pump Packings

Series Materials

  • Cast Iron Armored Pump BodyPVDF Pump Casing Liner
  • Cast Iron Armored Pump Body
  • PVDF Pump Casing Liner

Series Industries

  • Mining Industry PumpingChemical Production and Transfer PumpingPesticides Production PumpingPaint and Lacquer Pumping
  • Mining Industry Pumping
  • Chemical Production and Transfer Pumping
  • Pesticides Production Pumping
  • Paint and Lacquer Pumping

Series Applications

  • Corrosive Fluids Pumping ApplicationsSaltwater Aquarium Pumping ApplicationsIndustrial Waste Streaming Pumping Applications
  • Corrosive Fluids Pumping Applications
  • Saltwater Aquarium Pumping Applications
  • Industrial Waste Streaming Pumping Applications

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