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EDUR Pump Case Studies and Past Installations

Case Studies

EDUR Centrifugal Pumps are designed to be used in a variety of challenging pumping situations where other pumps fail. By being able to handle entrained air, EDUR pumps separate themselves from the competition today. EDUR represents some of the most current and sublimely engineered centrifugal pumps available today. EDUR pumps are a popular professional choice in Europe, find out why by contacting us today.

Listed below are just some of the applications that EDUR pumps have been placed into over the past year. From cooling applications to bilge water and bio fuels to water, plastics and even food processing, EDUR has a special pump available for you!

Cooling Tower and Cooling Circuit Pump Installation
  • EDUR NUB Series
  • Cooling Tower Pumps
  • Cooling Circuit Pumps
Calcium Chloride Brine and Icing Protection Pumping
  • Calcium Chloride Brine
  • Icing Protection -35°
  • Ground Freezing Systems
Universal Full Water Autoclave and Hot & Cold Water Pumping
  • EDUR NUB Series
  • Universal Full Water Autoclave
  • Hot & Cold Water Pumping

Ethylene-Glycol Water Mix Pumping
  • EDUR NUB700G180L
  • Ethylene-Glycol Water Mixing
Hot & Cold Water and Food Industry Pumping
  • EDUR NUB 500 Series
  • Hot & Cold Water Pumping
  • Food Industry
Case Washing and Small Bottle Washing Pumping Systems
  • EDUR CB(L) - NUB - LBU - FUB Series
  • Case Washing Systems
  • Small Bottle Washing Systems

Air Conditioning and Air Washing Systems Pump
  • EDUR CB type with Mounting Flange
  • Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Air Washers
Pumping Cooling Water for Catepillar Diesel Engines
  • EDUR LUB(L)100
  • Cooling Water for Diesel Engines
Boiler Feed Pumps
  • EDUR NHP/LBU 405 A142L
  • Temperatures up to 221°
  • Boiler Feed Pumps

Water Supply and Industrial Booster Pumps
  • Water Supply
  • Industrial Booster Systems
Stainless Steel Sunflower & Vegetable Oil Pump
  • EDUR LBU - VBU - NPH & Z
  • Stainless Steel Biofuel Pump
  • Sunflower OIl & Used Vegetable Oil
Automotive Manufacturing & Metal Surface Cleaning Pump
  • Automotive Industry
  • Metal Surface Cleaning

Marine Shipboard Wastewater and Water Treatment
  • Marine Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants on Ships
Marine Ballast Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Marine Ballast Water Treatment Systems
  • Marine Wastewater Treatment
Flotation System and Plastic Recycling Pumping
  • Flotation Systems Pumping
  • Plastic Recycling Pumping

Slaughterhouse, Pig Farming and Fishmeal Processing Water Treatment
  • Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment
  • Pig farming Applications
  • Fishmeal Industry Applications
Mining and Mining DAF Wastewater pumping
  • EDUR LBU 602 E162L
  • Mining Industry Pumping
  • Mining Wastewater DAF Treatment
Oil Flotation and Bore Hole Backwash Water Treatment Pumping
  • EDUR LBUX 602 E162L
  • Oil Flotation Systems
  • Bore Hole Backwash Water Treatment

Seawater Cooling and Selfpriming Marine Pumps
  • EDUR FUB - SUB - S
  • Cooling water pumps for Seawater
  • Selfpriming Pumps
Standard Water Pumping
  • EDUR S Series
  • Water Pumping

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