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EDUR Questions and Answers

Q & A

Below is a selection of typical questions we receive about EDUR. We contacted EDUR and asked them the typical questions we receive about them daily. If you have a question, let us know. We may just publish it here!

If you have any questions regarding EDUR products please feel free to contact us at your convenience at the number below.

Q.) What makes EDUR the recommended DAF Pump in Europe?

A.) All EDUR DAF pumps have been successfully proven in flotation technology more than 25 years now. As a result, all major European DAF OEM users are implementing EDUR Pumps in their systems due to the considerably reduced financial investment and operations costs as well as a simplified control systems, improved reliability and above all, clearly improved effluent values!. Furthermore to show the benefit that EDUR represents, the EDUR conception has been adopted to the latest VDMA specification #24430 Flotation units - Information on planning, project design and construction – edition March 2010.

Q.) What makes EDUR better than Nikuni, Hellbender and other DAF Pump manufacturers available today?

A.) What makes us better is the design engineering we have placed into our pumps. EDUR multiphase pumps are designed according to the centrifugal pump principle being the most used around the world. At the same time EDUR multiphase pumps differ considerably in design and operation from conventional centrifugal pumps as they are especially designed with an unique open impeller to enable operation of the pump without any air pocket formation at the center of impeller and without cavitation that standard centrifugal pumps cannot handle. In doing so a thorough mixing and an excellent gas saturation of the liquid does occur with stable operating conditions.

Competitors pumps however are engineered differently. Most competitors use regenerative turbine pumps where “the fluid takes many trips through the vanes” (source: competitor website). This means competitors pumps traditionally operate with low efficiencies and high sensitivity against impurities handled with the liquids. EDUR Pumps are designed to work with these difficulties.

Q.) Can I retrofit my current DAF system to an EDUR DAF Pump?

A.) In Short, Yes!. Thousands of traditional DAF systems users worldwide have been successfully retrofitted with EDUR DAF pumps and are enjoying the increased operability and energy savings!

Q.) But the other units seem to work comparably well, why is EDUR generally more of an financial investment than their competitors and why so?

A.) It is easy to fall into the trap of "initial purchase price" shock. EDUR is priced less aggressively than other competitors. However, there is a reason for this, the reason is the engineering of the product. It is a fact that purchase costs of the pump only truly represent 10% of the overall operation of a pump. When factoring in maintenance costs, energy costs, and operational reliability you begin to see the true value of an EDUR pump. Even the pure investment costs for the high efficient EDUR multiphase pumps do pay within a few months of operation only due to considerable energy savings!

Q.) EDUR claims it is extremely energy efficient, can you explain more?

A.) In the DAF pumps industry, many competitors utilize side channel/regenerative pumps that will give good operation to small or limited flows and must be used with clean liquids only. For typical recycle-flow pumps in DAF flotation systems the motor power of the installed unit is more than halved by the installation of an EDUR DAF pump. This results in both energy and financial savings over the operational life of the pump.

Q.) Will EDUR work with a Manufacturer of DAF -or- Pump systems to make custom packages?

A.) EDUR has a long history in Europe of working with their OEM customers in the testing and development of specialized pumping solutions meeting the individual customer requirements. For over 80 years EDUR has been at the forefront of this kind of manufacturer/customer relationship producing high quality centrifugal pumps.

Q.) If EDUR is in Germany, will it take long to get replacement parts?

A.) No. It is one of the core objectives of EDUR’s philosophy to keep replacement parts on stock both in Germany and abroad with our representatives such as Shanley Pump and Equipment. Therefore in order to bridge the transport time from Germany our foreign distributors do keep on stock replacement parts for immediate shipment.

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