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Three-Rotor Screw Pumps for High-Viscosity Fluid Pumping


The 3LS Series pump is a three rotor screw pump offered by Shanley Pump and Equipment, Inc. The pump has a main drive screw which is connected to the power source. Pump rotation is normally clockwise as viewed from the drive end but can be counter-clockwise as well.

There are also two idler rotors which are driven hydraulically by the main rotor.

As the pump turns, these three screws intermesh and run inside of the pump housing. This results in closed cavities which transfer the liquid from the suction to the discharge side of the pump as the pump rotates. Due to the close tolerances of the pump design, a precise flow per pump revolution is achieved.

3LS Series Pumps

The 3LS Series Pumps are designed for handling lubricating fluids. These fluids are found most commonly in applications where forced oil lubrication is required for rotating machinery. Other applications may include:

  • Hydraulic services
  • Oil Circulation
  • Fuel Transfer
  • Burner fuel services

Many other types of services are served by these 3LS Series three rotor screw pumps, if the fluid has lubricating properties and the service is within the design parameters of the pump.

Additionally, a button or pipeline mounted relief valve is an available option on all pumps. The unit is constructed from a variety of special metals, however, as a standard the following applies:

  • Casing - Cast Iron or optional carbon steel
  • Screw - Nitrided steel, hardened and grounded
  • Flow Rate (Gpm/M)-2.6 to 1535 GPM
  • Viscosity-32ssu to 30,000 SSU
  • Speed-750 to 4000 RPM
  • Temperature Range -32° to 250° F

3LS Series Three Rotor Screw Pump

Distributors MapWe have distributors and factory trained representatives throughout the continental USA. If your company requires service or repair, a sales representative is only a phone call away. Contact us today at 847-439-9200 or email us.

We look forward to serving you!

Three-Screw PumpMechanical Pump SealHorizontal Pump Mounting

SHANLEY - 3LS Series Pump Type

  • Three-Screw Pump
  • Mechanical Pump Seal
  • Horizontal Pump Mounting
Cast IronSteel Pump Components

SHANLEY - 3LS Series Materials

  • Cast Iron
  • Steel Pump Components
Plant Engineering PumpingOil Industry PumpingHigh-Viscosity Fluid PumpingPlastics Processing and ManufacturingGeneral Purpose Pumping

SHANLEY - 3LS Series Industries

  • Plant Engineering Pumping
  • Oil Industry Pumping
  • High-Viscosity Fluid Pumping
  • Plastics Processing and Manufacturing
  • General Purpose Pumping
Hydraulic Fluid PumpingLight Oils RecirculationRecirculation SystemsClear Liquids PumpingSlightly Polluted Liquids

SHANLEY - 3LS Series Applications

  • Hydraulic Fluid Pumping
  • Light Oils Recirculation
  • Recirculation Systems
  • Clear Liquids Pumping
  • Slightly Polluted Liquids
Shanley 3LS Parts

Shanley 3LS Parts

We stock an entire inventory of replacement parts and upgrades for the 3LS line of pumps and pump products. From seals and screws to entirely rebuilt systems.

If you are looking to repair your current pump system or even rebuild your current one, contact us today and ask for one of our factory trained engineers at 847-439-9200.

*Shanley Pump Group is not affiliated with nor distributor for Seepex®, Allweiler®, Moyno®, Tarby®, Netzsch®, or Continental Inc.® All referenced product names, brands, models, or part numbers is solely for identification purposes. Seepex® is a registered trademark of Seepex®. Moyno® and Tarby® are registered trademarks of Robins and Myers® and NOV®, Netzsch® Incorporated is a registered trademark of the Netzsch® Group, Allweiler® is a registered trademark of Colfax® Corporations Continental® Pumps is a Trademark of Continental® Ultra Pumps.

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