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Screw Pumps


Allweiler® Three Rotor Screw Pumps

Allweiler® Three-Rotor Screw Pumps

The Screw pump is one of the oldest and most useful of all pump designs. And whereas there are a myriad of other pump styles to fit almost every need, a screw pump handles special applications like no other. This is due to the pumps unique and highly efficient design which utilizes either a two or three rotor design for its use in pumping.

Allweilder® Screw Pump

Pumping Applications

  • Lubricating Fluids
  • Lube Oils
  • Fuel Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Cutting Oils, etc.

How It Works

Three rotor designs utilize one power rotor and two drive rotors which spin inside the casing creating a rolling motion. This motion between the rotors and the fluid being pumped creates a barrier separating the rotors from contact and friction.

This action creates a seal inside the unit that prevents metal to metal contact while efficiently moving the medium being pumped at high pressure and especially with low viscosity fluids. We stock and supply multiple Screw Pumps and accessories for use in any environment and with any fluid.

Ask Us

If you have any questions about how the *Allweiler® Screw Pumps could be of benefit to your company, please feel free to contact us at 847-439-9200 or feel free to Email us.

We have a complete workshop with skilled pump technicians with years of experience working on Allweiler® Pumps. We are happy to inspect your pump and give you a repair price quotation. all our pump repairs are provided with a full warranty.

Allweiler® Three Rotor Screw Pump Series Type

Three Screw PumpMechanical Pump SealHorizontal Pump Mounting
  • Three Screw Pump
  • Mechanical Pump Seal
  • Horizontal Pump Mounting

Allweiler® Three Rotor Screw Pump Series Materials

316 Stainless Steel IconCast Iron Icon
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron

Allweiler® Three Rotor Screw Pump Series Industries

Oil Industry PumpingPlant Engineering PumpingHigh Viscosity Fluids PumpingSteel Industry Pumping
  • Oil Industry Pumping
  • Plant Engineering Pumping
  • High Viscosity Fluids Pumping
  • Steel Industry Pumping

Allweiler® Three Rotor Screw Pump Series Applications

High Pressure Pumping ApplicationsLubrication Systems Pumping ApplicationsHydraulic Systems Pumping ApplicationsFuel Oils Pumping ApplicationsLubrication Oils Pumping Applications
  • High Pressure Pumping Applications
  • Lubrication Systems Pumping Applications
  • Hydraulic Systems Pumping Applications
  • Fuel Oils Pumping Applications
  • Lubrication Oils Pumping Applications

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