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The Hilge CONTRA Stainless Steel Hygienic Applications Centrifugal Pump

Hilge Contra Pump

The Hilge CONTRA series centrifugal pump for Hygienic Applications is available in 316L Rolled stainless steel for remarkable smoothness in operations from 0-88 GPM at temperatures up to 284°F up to 328 feet of head. Hilge Pumps are designed to cope with media with unique physical and chemical characteristics.

A permanently installed pump is built into the respective pipeline at the starting point which applies the necessary force to the media by sucking it in on one end, and discharging it on the other. This causes a pressure increase on the discharge side of the pump and a reduction in pressure at the suction side of the pump.

Due to their design, centrifugal pumps cannot vent the suction line when started up, meaning that they cannot initially draw up the media themselves. You must either arrange suction pipe work so that the fluid falls under gravity from a vessel above the pump or fill the pump and the suction line with fluid before starting it.

In addition, centrifugal pumps are even more sensitive to air pockets or bubbles in the media, which can lead to a breakdown if air pockets collect in the impeller channels.

Self-priming centrifugal pumps such as liquid ring pumps are capable of venting the suction line. This requires the pump to be at least half-full of fluid. The star-shaped impeller thrusts the fluid in the pump into the side channel. This creates suction on the suction side of the pump which is then capable of venting the suction pipe work. The atmospheric pressure on the fluid surface then forces the fluid up the pipe work to the pump.

HILGE CONTRA Series Hygienic Applications single and multi-stage centrifugal pumps in 316 rolled stainless steel provide exceptional solutions for specialized applications and processes in a variety of fields. Hilge pumps are manufactured with a "pore-free" design with makes them an ideal answer in industry where maintaining purity of your finished product is a paramount concern such as beer manufacturing.

The HILGE CONTRA design allows for very gentle action resulting in less damage to the finished beverage or beer. If beverage purity is your goal, let Hilge be your answer! The Hilge CONTRA series centrifugal pump is available in 316L Rolled stainless steel for remarkable smoothness in Hygienic Applications. Available in either a vertical or horizontal design based off of your needs.

The design of the Hilge CONTRA makes it ideal for sterile and CIP application, eliminating particle contamination residue and build up. The vertical design is completely self draining. Low NPSH values make this ideal for heavy duty applications.

The CONTRA series is also ideal for low-flow , high head applications and is also available in a cart-mounted option for easy mobility.

The Hilge CONTRA Series Centrifugal pump is ideal for:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Medical manufacturing
  • Biotech applications
  • High-purity liquids

CONTRA Pump Performance


gpm0 - 88
temp284° F
head328 ft.


bar0 - 25
temp140° C
head100 M

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