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SEIM Elevator
Heat Coolers


SEIM Heat Coolers for Elevators

Heat Coolers by SEIM

SEIM air-oil heat coolers are extremely efficient in cooling the oil in the oil-hydraulic circuits that they are installed in. The core of the cooler is composed of a highly reliable and silent SEIM three screw pump.

The oil is cooled with air produced by a blower installed directly on the shaft protruding out from the motor.

Technical Characteristics of SEIM Heat Coolers:

  • High self-priming capacity, thanks to the screw pump.
  • Low noise, thanks to the special design of the blower for 50 and 60 Hz, and use of the screw pump.
  • Low overall cost, thanks to numerous accessories, either pre-installed in the NSC series, or DIY in the NEG series.
  • OPTION: safety valve on the pump (std. valve calibration = 6 bar).
Seim elevator heat cooler

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How SEIM Elevator Heat Coolers Works

The heat cooler can be installed directly on the supply control unit or installed on a remote station. When the temperature of the oil in the tank reaches the set limit, the pump starts making the oil circulate through the radiator. This process lowers the oil temperature based on the conditions of the site where it is installed.

SEIM elevator heat cool explanation

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SEIM PA Screw Pumps

SEIM's PA-type screw pumps are designed specifically for use immersed in oil, to drive oil-hydraulic lifts. In addition to the standard range used worldwide, PA screw pumps are also available in the U.S. version.

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SEIM Chillers

SEIM lower energy consumption chillers are compact sized for use in facilities with high temperatures. They're ideal for heavy duty and continuous lift used in places such as shopping malls, hospitals, trade shows, etc.

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