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GemmeCotti Applications

Mag Drive Pumps for Chemicals

Magdrive Pumps are ideal for the chemical processing and transfer industry. The properties of Magdrive centrifugal chemical pumps for their ease in pumping caustic and difficult to pump chemicals are known industry-wide. Their low cost and flexibility make them an optimal choice in the plant managers budgetary arsenal. Please remember all pumped medium are to be free of all suspended solids.

Mag Drive Pumps for Corrosives

Pumping Acid, corrosive and caustic chemicals safely and efficiently is one of the most difficult jobs that a pump can be tasked with today. Thankfully, magdrive pumps unique seal-less construction and chemically-resistant polymer design allows for maximum resistance in high-flow pumping of acids and corrosives for use in applications such as mining leachate and precious metals mining. Please remember all pumped medium are to be free of all suspended solids.

Mag Drive Pumps for Manufacturing

Fabrication processes today from film processing to biotechnology and PCB printed circuit boards require pumps with high-chemical resistance coupled to ease of operation. The Magdrive pump is an ideal choice for your general manufacturing processes in this case.

Mag Drive Pumps for Saltwater

Saltwater pumping is difficult on an ordinary centrifugal pump. With a Magdrive Pump, pumping everything from seawater to brine is easy due to the leakless and seal less design inherent to the Mag Drive Pump.

Mag Drive Pumps for WasteWater

Magnetic drive pumps for Wastewater and greywater processing are a dependable choice based on their unique design of no mechanical seal and sealed construction. Wastewater treatment systems are often in outdoor and exposed areas, the durable construction of the thermoplastic in the pumps can handle weather extremes when in use for metering or chemical feed applications.

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