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International Pump Parts Sales & Service

International Sales & Services for Pumps & Pump Parts

Shanley Pump and Equipment, Inc. has a worldwide network of distributors and agents ready to serve your pump needs quickly and efficiently. Do you have a specific Pump or Pump Part requirement for the brands of Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps we carry? If so, we can get those parts to you vial UPS or Airmail or even airfreight in most instances in 24 hours or less!

Shanley Pump and Equipment, Inc. have worked with companies globally as a resource provider of Pumps and Pump parts for centrifugal pumps for difficult pumping applications for the past 30 years. Products such as Pump Seals, Pump Impellers, Pump Casings, Pump Packing and even entirely new Centrifugal Pumps are kept in inventory and delivered to you worldwide from our location just outside Chicago, Il.

If you are an international Manufacturer and need to get stock pumps or pump parts for your centrifugal pump, please give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be glad to assist you to find what you are looking for or sell you the parts direct.

Shanley Pump and Equipment maintains a large inventory of millions of dollars in centrifugal and progressive cavity pumps and pump parts for immediate delivery, usually on the day of ordering!

International Sales - Contact Us

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to call us at 847-439-9200 or send us an email! or fill out our international quote form so we may assist you fully right from the beginning. We look forward to hearing from you.

International Pump distribution of Seim, Allweilder, Shanley, Edur, Tecnium, Liberty Process, GemmeCotti, Speck and Hilge pumps.

Countries we have sold to this year so far!

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*Shanley Pump Group is not affiliated with nor distributor for Seepex®, Allweiler®, Moyno®, Tarby®, Netzsch®, or Continental Inc.® all referenced product names, brands, models, or part numbers is solely for identification purposes. Seepex® is a registered trademark of Seepex®. Moyno® and Tarby® are registered trademarks of Robins and Myers® and NOV®, Netzsch® Incorporated is a registered trademark of the Netzsch® Group, Allweiler® is a registered trademark of Colfax® Corporations Continental® Pumps is a Trademark of Continental® Ultra Pumps.