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SEIM Elevator


SEIM Elevator Pumps

The SEIM brand of ISO 9001 Certified three-screw elevator pumps for the commercial and industrial market are now available exclusively in America through Shanley Pump and Equipment, Inc. SEIM Elevator Operation Pumps offer a wider range of flow capabilities from 2.6 - 224 GPM at pressure up to 1160 PSI.

The SEIM brand of Elevator Pumps have been in use for over 30 years worldwide and are a popular alternative to other elevator screw pumps available today. SEIM Pumps are made in Italy to the highest tolerances and capabilities resulting in a high-quality engineered pump at a competitive price.

SEIM Triple-Screw Elevator Pumps are ideal for elevator lubrication systems, elevator cooling systems, hydraulic filtration, recirculation systems pumping and any other applications where the volumetric movement of cooling oils is necessary for operation. SEIM pumps work well in tight places. Shanley Pump also offers coolers, chiller systems, and a wide range of elevator coolers engineered for maximum oil cooling and more, please inquire for more information.

SEIM Elevator Pumps Construction and Performance Capabilities

SEIM Elevator pumps are remarkably quiet and efficient making them ideal for use in the elevator marketplace. The three stainless-steel screws are precision machined with exceptional tolerance values from high grade stainless-steel allowing for maximum performance in a small pump package. They are then mated to a cast-aluminum body resulting in a pump that offers optimal performance characteristics in a strong, industrial-grade body.

Elevator repair technicians need to be able to rely on the equipment they offer, SEIM brand triple-screw elevator pumps have a proven track record of long-operational use and durability in rough environments. Contact Shanley Pump and Equipment today for more information.

Exclusive Distributorship

SEIM Screw Pumps of Cusago/Milano Italy has appointed Shanley Pump & Equipment, Inc. as an exclusive importer of SEIM elevator pumps, elevator coolers, and elevator chillers for the United States, due to their long-standing distributorship for 25 years.

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SEIM PA Screw Pumps

SEIM's PA-type screw pumps are designed specifically for use immersed in oil, to drive oil-hydraulic lifts. In addition to the standard range used worldwide, PA screw pumps are also available in the U.S. version.

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SEIM Chillers

SEIM lower energy consumption chillers are compact sized for use in facilities with high temperatures. They're ideal for heavy duty and continuous lift used in places such as shopping malls, hospitals, trade shows, etc.

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SEIM Heat Coolers

SEIM air-oil heat coolers are extremely efficient in cooling the oil in the oil-hydraulic circuits that they are installed in. The core of the cooler is composed of a highly reliable and silent SEIM three screw pump.

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