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Speck TOE-MA Series Centrifugal Heat Transfer Pump

Speck TOE MA Pump

Speck TOE-MA Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps are designed for the transport and recirculation of organic heat transfer oils on mineral and/or synthetic basis as well as hot water heat transfer applications throughout the world. The TOE-MA Series are horizontal magnetic drive close-coupled pumps with end suction. The Direct-Coupled design eliminates the need to align pump and motor shafts.

The Magnetic Coupling design also eliminates any temperature misalignment or seal leakage. Suction and Discharge mounting flanges for the TOE-MA Series are drilled to ANSI specifications and the casing is made from ductile cast iron. The TOE-MA performance data is impressive as well. 880 - 925 GPM, and 312ft. to 360ft. of Head with oil at temperatures of 625°F.

Suction and Discharge mounting flanges for the Speck TOE-MA Series are ANSI drilled. The robust design and construction of Speck Mag Drive pumps is due to a rigorous quality control system that begins at their manufacturing facilities where ISO:9001 requirements met throughout the entire manufacturing process resulting in a superior thermal heat transfer pump.

The design of Speck Mag Drive Thermal Transfer pumps allows for a pumping media that has little or no-abrasive contaminants and a pumping media that does not chemically attack the materials of construction of the Speck Pump in use.

Speck TOE-MA Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Thermal Transfer Pumps are available to work in a variety of demanding industries where the movement of heated pumping media is required on a daily basis. Facilities with large baking and frying ovens, heated agitator and mixing tanks, flat glass production, solar power generation stations and ORC processes as well as the color and dye industry all have systems that would benefit from a Speck Thermal Centrifugal Pump.

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Speck TOE-MA Pump Performance


gpm880 - 925
temp625° F
head312 - 360 ft


lpm3,331 - 3,501
temp329° C
head95 - 110 M
  • Speck TOE-MA Centrifugal Thermal Oil PumpSpeck TOE-MA Magnetic Coupling DesignSpeck TOE-MA Centrifugal Thermal Oil Pump Clockwise Rotation

Speck TOE-MA
Pump Type

  • Centrifugal Thermal Oil Pump
  • Magnetic Coupling Design
  • Clockwise Rotation
  • Speck TOE-MA Steel Pump ConstructionSpeck TOE-MA Spheroidal Iron Construction

Speck TOE-MA
Series Materials

  • Steel
  • Spheroidal Cast Iron
  • Speck TOE-MA Glass Manufacturing Industry Thermal PumpSpeck TOE-MA Steel Manufacturing Industry Thermal PumpSpeck TOE-MA Leather and Rubber Manufacturing Thermal PumpSpeck TOE-MA Baking Industry Thermal Oil Pump

Speck TOE-MA
Series Industries

  • Steel
  • Spheroidal Cast Iron
  • Speck TOE-MA Heating Tank Mixing and Recirculation PumpsSpeck TOE-MA Thermal Oil PumpSpeck TOE-MA Heat Transfer Pump

Speck TOE-MA
Series Applications

  • Glass Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Leather and Rubber Industry
  • Baking Industry

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