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Hilge MAXA Single-Stage Beer and Beverage Centrifugal Pump

Hilge Maxa Pump

The Hilge Maxa single stage end suction centrifugal pumps for the Beverage Industry are manufactured in 316Ti rolled stainless steel for durability and long life in Clean-In-Place pumping applications from 0-546 GPM at temperatures up to 302°F up to 449 feet of head.

Hilge Pumps are designed to cope with media with unique physical and chemical characteristics and are generally used as return scavenging pumps in the beverage and food production industry.

A permanently installed pump is built into the respective pipeline at the starting point which applies the necessary force to the media by sucking it in on one end, and discharging it on the other. This causes a pressure increase on the discharge side of the pump and a reduction in pressure at the suction side of the pump. Its liquid ring, self-priming design is available in Bloc (close coupled), Super (stainless shroud and peg feet), or CN (bare shaft foot mount) models.

Due to their design, centrifugal pumps cannot vent the suction line when started up, meaning that they cannot initially draw up the media themselves. You must either arrange suction pipe work so that the fluid falls under gravity from a vessel above the pump or fill the pump and the suction line with fluid before starting it.

In addition, centrifugal pumps are even more sensitive to air pockets or bubbles in the media, which can lead to a breakdown if air pockets collect in the impeller channels.

Available in close coupled or bare shaft foot mountings makes the Maxa series very versatile in its setup for use. The Maxa series impellers come standard in a shrouded design. Flange mounts are ANSI or DIN standard for ease in hookup.

The HILGE MAXA Series is an ideal single-stage pump design with heavy-duty stainless steel construction for use in brew-house brewing operations, beer filtration, dairy and food processing, UF filtration pumping systems and brine pumping applications. The Maxa series shaft seal is available in either single or double mechanical configuration based off of your needs.

Due to quality state of the art manufacturing processes, the Maxa series are a competitively priced centrifugal pumping system that's ideal for heavy duty applications.

Hygiana Pump Performance


gpm0 - 546
temp302° F
head449 ft.


bar0 - 10
temp150° C
head136 M

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