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Wind Turbine Support

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Support Services

Shanley Pump is a reliable partner for the wind energy industry with immediate delivery of all wind turbine pumps and wind turbine pump parts with same-day shipment from our in-stock inventory located outside Chicago, IL. With wind turbine support services from Shanley, you can keep your wind-farm downtime to a minimum and parts costs lower than most other suppliers.

We are dedicated to providing pump support to green, renewable power including the wind, water and solar applications. For the Wind Turbine Industry, we supply many pumps for critical services for all popular brands of electrical generating wind turbines including Siemens, General Electric and Suzlon.

Wind Turbine Pumps and Parts

Our three rotor screw pumps are used for lubrication, cooling and filtration of lubricating oil for the main gear box that sits in the nacelle and transmits power from the rotor blades to the generators. We supply a wide-variety of screw pump models and spare wind turbine pump parts with a range of flow rates for the most popular sizes of turbines.

Pump Parts for Popular Brands of Turbines

The environments where wind turbines are placed are often remote and harsh. Therefore it is important to use a lubrication pump that is very reliable and can provide long, trouble free service. Shanley Screw Pumps have served in a variety of demanding and tough industries including chemical, energy, wastewater and thermal applications. Our pumps and pump parts are kept in stock, ready to ship.

We offer pumps from our inventory for new pump installations, replacement pumps and spare parts as well as in house pump repairs to keep your wind fleet up and ready.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 847-439-9200 or send us an email for immediate response and service. We are ready to meet all the pump needs you may have.

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