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VBU Series


EDUR VBU High-Pressure Vertical Centrifugal Multistage Pump

Edur VBU Pump

The EDUR VBU High-Pressure Vertical Multistage Pump is a vertical multistage pump with multiple impellers in a segmented pump design on a central shaft to increase flow and pressure. The VBU Series is a professional’s choice for the pumping of clean and slightly polluted liquids.

The benefits of the multistage design coupled to the reliability of the EDUR brand allows a wide variety of application industries such as booster systems, irrigation, boiler feed and waste-water treatment and washing plants.

The segmental design of the VBU Multistage Pump comes in a vertical setup with horizontal mounting options available in the LBU series. The VBU’s compact design with its unique impeller design lets this pump go into many spaces a traditional multistage pump would not fit and also allows for either single or double acting mechanical seals gland packing or even magnetic coupling for your Multistage Booster Pump.

The flexibility of the design allows for many combinations to achieve the perfect installation as well as flow and pressure rates for your pumping application into tight spaces.

The EDUR VBU Series High-Pressure Vertical Multistage Pump Series operates at pressures up to 928 PSI at a temperature range of -76°F to +428°F with a Viscosity of 115 centistokes with a maximum series flow rate of 1,321 GPM.

The VBU Series offers optional positions of its flanges as well as having the ability to transport gases within the liquids without cavitation. For more information about thins feature, please contact your Shanley Pump and Equipment, Inc. representative.

The VBU Series is available in Cast Iron, Bronze, Stainless Steel, and super duplex stainless steel for pumping your application. If you are unsure which EDUR VBU Series High-Pressure Vertical Multistage Pump is the right style for you, please ask your Shanley representative for more information to help you make the best selection.

EDUR VBU Series Pump Performance


psi0 - 928
temp-76° F - 428° F
head1,312 ft.


bar0 - 16,0
temp-60° C - 220° C
head400 M

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